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  • Do you provide High Pressure Valves & High Pressure Fittings?
    We do provide High Pressure Valves ranging upto 14500PSI (10000 Bars)
  • Can I get samples for approval purposes?
    We can provide you free samples of same or similar products on returnable basis once the Order is placed upon us.
  • Why do I choose Tactlok over any OEM ?
    Considering tremendous cost any OEM would cost at least twice our original costs. Our company has adopted a flexible method of manufacturing best quality products to ensure low cost as well as high quality. You may feel free to compare our prices with any reputed OEM, the difference is evident.
  • What is your minimum Order quantity?
    Depends on the product.
  • What is your Turn around time for any product which is to be manufactured?
    Minimum 7 Days. All delivery terms are in Working Days – which excludes Holidays.
  • How is high-quality ensured?
    We keep a 0-Defect quality approach for all our products. Right from the procurement of Raw Material till the end, we keep a hold of all the processes.
  • What tests do you conduct to ensure quality?
    Apart from testing the material by methods like PMI, Chemical Analysis etc., at initial stages, dimensional checks, thread checks and Visual checks we also hydro test few random pieces from each lot.
  • Do you sell Direct to Customers?
  • Do you provide customization in your standard designs and other products?
    We do provide customized products as per client’s requirement. Our aim is to serve the client with maximum flexibility so the client achieves maximum satisfaction and utility.
  • How do I pay for these products? How convenient is it?
    For International Customers Telephonic Transfer or similar mode of Remittances can be easily made and accepted either in USD, Euro or GBP. For Domestic Customers modes like Demand Draft, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS etc., are accepted. Now both International & Domestic Customers can also avail Credit Card/ Debit Card payment options at additional charges.
  • Why do I choose Tech Tubes over their competitors?
    Tech Tubes has in-house quality control facilities which helps ensure quality in its wide range of products. To ensure consistent and reliable products, we have tied up with several manufacturers for processes like machining, polishing, coating etc., however, the Raw Materials belong to reputed manufacturers. Thus we are able to maintain high quality and also serve a wider range of products. This special arrangement gives us an edge over the prices as well.
  • How do you ensure ease of transportation (logistics) for International and Domestic clients?
    We have tie ups with several courier both in the Domestic as well as International domain to swiftly handle low volume/ weight consignments. Apart, we are well connected with several Transports / Shippers to provide you swift service.
  • Where is our manufacturing location?
    We are engaged with several high quality co-manufacturers who machine, manufacture and finish the products for us on contract basis. Rest functions like procurement of raw material, inspection of raw material, designing, quality control, testing, marking, packing and other processes are handled by us.
  • Apart from Stainless Steels, Duplex Steels and other widely used grades, do you manufacture High Nickel Materials like Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy and other Nickel, Cobalt based alloys?"
    Yes. We produce almost all grade products in Metals and Alloys.

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