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Pipe fittings and flanges are must-have products for every piping and plumbing job in residential, public and industrial applications. They allow pipes to change direction, control flow, and change their diameter. Basically, they facilitate the more straightforward and rapid connection and termination of pipes.  

In conjunction with this, pipe fittings are vital products that ensure pipes and tubes are correctly functioning, whether it’s to safely transfer highly hazardous materials, protect sensitive equipment from high pressures, resist household and industrial chemicals, or provide protection against corrosion and other extreme weather conditions.  

At Tactlok, we understand the confusion that comes with choosing the right pipe fittings. After all, they’re as numerous as the selection of screws and nails for your construction project. Tactlok is here to help you. 

From piping nipples to piping plugs, piping elbows, piping tees, piping end caps, and more, we have a wide availability of stainless steel pipe fittings with different functions. You are always welcome to discuss your pipe fitting and other industrial product requirements with us. Give us a call to discuss your order requirements. 

Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting Pipe Fittings 

  1. You need to select the correct type of material fitting that will be compatible with the pipes and the fluids that will pass through them.  

  2. You must remember that the application’s temperature and pressure ratings should be compatible.  

  3. Lastly, you must consider the piping project’s design and application to choose the appropriate size and type. 

If you’re unsure about what type of pipe fitting is right for you, our team at Tactlok can help. We can also provide professional advice on the proper installation and application of each product you purchase. 

We Supply Various Types of Pipe Fittings for a Variety of Uses

For every job that requires pipe fittings, you need to choose a supplier who can provide you with affordable, high-quality products and, most importantly, help you determine which product is appropriate for your work. 


Here are some of the pipe fittings we supply that will match a variety of applications:  

  1. Elbows – They’re commonly used to change the pipe’s angle or direction with a 90- or 45-degree turn.   

  2. Nipples – These short-length pipes threaded at both ends are extensively used to connect constant water pressure to an application.  

  3. Plugs – They’re fittings used to close a pipe end during inspection or cleanout.  

  4. Tees – These T-shaped fittings allow for branch lines. They are extensively used for transporting two-phase fluid mixtures.  

  5. Couplings – These are pipe fittings used to join two straight pieces of pipe with the same diameter.  

  6. Caps – They’re widely used for closing a dead-end pipe.  

  7. Reducers – They’re used for joining pipes of different diameters, providing the greatest connection flexibility.  

  8. Adapters – They’re used for changing the end of non-threaded pipes to male or female threads.   

  9. Unions – They’re ideal for joining pipe pieces where the pipes can’t be turned or when a piece of equipment has to be removed for repair, maintenance, or replacement.  

  10. Outlets – They act as highly reliable and long-lasting outlets from a bigger pipe to a smaller pipe.   

What Qualities Set Our Products Apart from Others

  • Strength 

  • Flexibility 

  • Excellent flow rates 

  • High chemical resistance 

Contact Tactlok for All Your Pipe Fitting Requirements 

Tactlok aspires to become one of the most trusted global suppliers of tube fittings, valves, pipe fittings, and accessories for various industrial applications. We export to multiple countries beyond India. We have a wide variety of pipe fitting accessories available to suit every application. Order yours now, and get them delivered fast. 

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