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The manufacturer or supplier you choose for tubing fittings must be able to produce only high-quality products so that they won't compromise your construction or industrial work. Are you looking for a reputable exporter of tube fittings for your industrial or construction project? Tactlok is here. Since our inception, we've consistently delivered superior quality industrial products, including ferrule or compression tube fittings, sourced only from leading manufacturers. 

We can guarantee faultless performance no matter which application you want to use our tube fittings for, whether for the plumbing under your sink or the gas lines, because our products are among the most reliable and durable on the market. 

How Tube Fittings Work 

Tube fittings, particularly those for stainless steel tubing, have a tube gripping device assembly and a pull-up mechanism. A tube fitting connects one tube to another, whether to a hose or a hydraulic component, such as manifold valve. Tube fittings must meet two critical functions to meet pressure, temperature and vibration criteria: tightly gripping the tube end to prevent leakage and maintaining a primary seal against leaks.   

Types of Tubing Fittings 

In general, tubing fittings are available in the following types:  

  • Single ferrule – Also called a flareless compression type, this type uses a "lone" ferrule to seal and grip the tubing successfully.  

  • Double ferrule – This is another flareless compression type that splits the function of tubing fitting between two separate ferrules. The front ferrule provides a seal between the ferrule, tubing, and fitting body. On the other hand, the rear ferrule grips the tubing and holds the ferrule in place.   

  • Bite – This is a three-piece system composed of a nut, ferrule, and body. The ferrule cutting edge is forced into the wall of the tubing to seal the tubing. 

  • Flared fitting – This is another type typically used with metal tubing (soft steel, ductile copper, aluminum, etc.) where the tubing is "flared," i.e., expanded and deformed at the end. 

Why Trust Our Supply of Tube Fittings for Your Every Application?

Depending on your application, tube fitting construction and material specifications will vary. This is why it's wise to consult us to optimize component selection. We take pride in having a team that fully understands the advantages and disadvantages of various tubing fitting types.  


May it be for hydraulic applications or pneumatic applications, when you choose Tactlok to be your tubing fittings supplier, we guarantee you that our products will ensure the following:  

  1. Reliable installation in various field conditions;  

  2. Consistent feel for the installer to achieve complete and proper pull-up;  

  3. High-grade tube fitting performance;  

  4. Compatibility with the tubing or pipe material;  

  5. Robust and dependable tubing grip;  

  6. Acceptable welding joints;  

  7. Prevention of electrolysis; and  

  8. Adaptability to a wide variation in tubing characteristics, may they be differences in wall thickness, hardness, and burst pressures. 

Tube Fittings Durable for Various Applications

Tactlok only sources well-designed and robust tubing fittings to achieve the desired grip and seal functions. All our tubing fittings meet the environmental and process system requirements, manufactured to stringent quality control programs and internal standards.  

No matter what industry you are in, whether it is oil, gas, petrochemicals, research laboratories, instrumentation processes and control systems, Tactlok is your one-stop shop for high-quality tube fittings and ferrule fittings.  

We export to America, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, East Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Contact us for questions about orders or stock availability! 

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